Monday, November 2, 2015

The beginning

Where should we start? As an endearing film once noted, the beginning is a "very good place to start." We were born into this world with nothing and at least in the physical sense, we leave with nothing. Where did this all start? Why did it start? How are we to find our purpose, our reason for living?

As we grow, we look around us to the people who are close to us. Some see a world which is caring and nurturing, while others feel the coldness of being alone. Most however are faced with the realities of both. Either way, we begin our search. We try to understand what is happening around us and why it happens. Some things make us  laugh and smile and others hurt. We learn to satisfy our desires and urges. Soon we recognize the need for something more. There is an emptiness we try to fill with successes, gratification, accomplishments, love and much more. What is it which will allow us to finally rest? When can we truly feel at peace?

No matter which walk of life we come from or what our faith is, we must find answers. Too often I think, even as Christians, we forget the most basic and complete answer to all the questions we have; God is Love. As human beings we are driven by intellect and will to find absolute Truth and perfect Love. We get caught up in what we know, as we forget the unlimited possibilities which are born of faith. God is Love. Love creates. Love created me. I am a child of Love. Love is what moves my very essence. Where should I rest if not in Love? As St. Augustine wrote in reference to God, "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you."

How much more would I live every moment of my life if I embraced this truth completely? If in every decision I made, I chose always to do what would bring me closer to where I am completely fulfilled, how more vibrant would my life be? Even so, how truly awesome it is that the creator of the universe, who sees all and knows all, does not just see the good in me or the potential for good in me, but Loves me as I am. My God doesn't just turn a blind eye to my faults and my sins, but stares Sin right in the face. My Lover and King, took all of Sin and carried it as a cross and put to death all which could keep me away from Him. My beginning and my end, my all in all.

And so I come to the reality I am made for much more than I can comprehend right now. I will fall and I will stumble, yet, as long as I have breath, never will I stray too far from Love.

My Lord and my God, I thank You for the Love you have shown to me. I thank You for each and every moment of my life as I recognize "all things work for good, for those who love [You] and and are called according to [Your] purpose." I ask for the grace to offer to You all that I am, as I am. I ask for the mercy for all the choices which have led me stray from You. May all that I am, bring greater glory to You and show the world Your immense Love for each of us. May Your Love make me whole and may I share Your Love with each soul I encounter.

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